How to Brew v60?

DOSE: 18g coffee / 300ml of water @ 96c
BREW TIME: 2.45 minutes
GRIND: filter


  1. Grind 18 grams of your coffee medium to coarse.
  2. Boil your water (filtered if possible). Ideal temperature for first pour will be 95 degrees.
  3. Fold you paper filter along the edge
  4. Insert filter in the v60 and pre wet using 150 grams of hot water. *remember to pour this out before you start to brew.
  5. Add 18 grams of coffee to the centre of the v60 and tap with hand to create an even bed.
  6. When pouring water try to pour in a continuous motion from the centre in circles towards the edge of the coffee bed and then back to the centre again.
  7. Pour 50 mls of water and let bloom for 30 seconds. *This is where the C02 escapes from the coffee.
  8. At 30 seconds add another 50 mls of water using the same pouring technique.
  9. At 50 seconds add the rest of your water (this should be another 200 mls), and the pour should be a slow one lasting 30 seconds. This should take your time from the first pour to 1 minute and 20 seconds.
  10. Wait until all the coffee has exited from the v60 to your serving jug. Swirl, pour and Imbibe!