V60 2-Cup

DOSE: 30g coffee / 500ml of water @ 94c
BREW TIME: 2.45 minutes
GRIND: filter

METHOD: Place brewer on your carafe with a filter paper in the brewer. Rinse filter paper with hot water as this will rid the paper of that papery taste and also pre heat the carafe. Place your coffee into the brewer and gently shake to level the coffee bed. This will encourage even extraction. Bloom the coffee with 60ml of water for 45 seconds. After 45 seconds of blooming add the rest of the water to your brewer. Pour into the centre of the coffee bed slowly and evenly and finish by pouring in a clockwise motion around the walls of the brewer. Aim to have all 500ml of water in the brewer by 1.45 minutes and a draw down time of 1 minute to achieve a total brew time of 2.45 minutes. Pour and enjoy.