How to Brew Aeropress?

DOSE: 18g coffee / 220ml water @ 86-94c
BREW TIME: 2:00 minutes
GRIND: medium/coarse


  1. Place the aeropress filter paper into the bottom of the cap and attach to the brewer
  2. Place the aeropress over your server and rinse with hot water
  3. Empty the water form your server
  4. Use a medium grind for your coffee
  5. Add your coffee to the brewer and tap to even the coffee bed
  6. Start timer
  7. Pour 100g of water between 86 and 92 degrees
  8. Make sure all grounds are covered evenly of optimum extraction
  9. Stir from the top to the bottom
  10. Slowly add the rest of your water (220 ml total)
  11. Remove server from the scales and place plunger in aeropress chamber
  12. Begin to plunge at 1 minute 30 seconds
  13. Plunge for 30 seconds
  14. Stop when you hear an air hiss
  15. Remove aeropress from the server
  16. Imbibe ad enjoy!