Wholesale Coffee Ireland

If you search the above on Google you’re going to get a long list of almost every coffee supplier in the country. At Imbibe Coffee Roasters we aim to stand out from the crowd. Not only do we run our business differently to everyone else, we also supply coffees of a quality that begin at great and range to farms whose exclusive coffees have been used to win competitions such as The World Brewers Cup.

We’re different

We are coffee roasters with a difference. Yes everyone says they’re different but we can prove it. In addition to bringing genuine top shelf coffees to Ireland we also run our business on a fundamentally different financial model known as “Conscious Capitalism”.

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We made a short film with our friends at Stills and Motion which explains this difference. When you partner with us you become not just part of this story but also a supporter of these causes.

Wholesale Coffee Ireland. Buy coffee

Conscious Capitalism

As a business we donate 1% of all our sales to Women’s Aid in Ireland, give 1% to projects at origin (we’ve funded two foot bridges at the co-op we buy from in Colombia and a wet mill at an all female co-op in Peru), and also share 1% with our staff. We are in a position to do this due to the support of our customers. We’ve been fortunate to have our ethos recognised by national media and it’s a point of difference that’s received much support by the general public.

When you partner with us you automatically become part of this story and these causes. We even give you a poster you can put in your cafe to show your customers how they directly support these worthy causes when they buy their coffee from you!

Zero Waste

Our preferred method of delivering our wholesale coffee beans is in our zero waste 6 kilo coffee cans which we deliver to your coffee shop, collect when you’re done, clean and then send back out. This option is currently only available to Dublin customers as they’re deliveries we do ourselves in our electric van.

If you’re outside Dublin we can obviously still supply you wholesale until we find a solution to zero waste deliveries that will be nationwide. All of our coffees are available by kilo bag with wholesale minimum order quantities.

Our Clients

Our partners range from winners of “Best Cafe in Ireland” at the Irish Restaurant Awards to restaurants who hold 2 Michelin stars. If you’re genuinely passionate about coffee and want to ensure your team works with a market leading supply of the best coffee beans then you’ve come to the right place.

Barista Training

We can provide you with the very best roasted coffee beans in Ireland but if you want to ensure your cafe is putting out the best possible quality then you need a good barista. We always advise the owner/manager to come to our site for barista training. Even if you have experience we hope you’ll think it’s worth coming to see coffee being roasted. It brings us all closer as we want to be more than just a wholesale supplier to your business.

Our team is comprised of dedicated coffee professionals who have vast experience as cafe owners and baristas. Our Head of Quality is a certified Q Grader. We strive to pass on our expert knowledge in order to forge real partnerships with our coffee shop customers.

Our Coffee Beans

We work very hard to source the best quality green beans for the cafes we supply which are then roasted on one of our three Giesen roasters. Be it single origin or a blend, we provide a wide range of speciality coffees sourced from some of the best farms in the world.

Organic coffee organic true Ireland

Organic Coffee

Many of our coffees for espresso are organic. Organic coffee is shade grown under native trees without the use of herbicides or pesticides. This is great for soil health which is under threat globally, for workers on these farms and for the environment!

Single Origin Coffee

In addition to our organic coffees, we’ve also sourced single origins from world famous farms such as world record holders for coffee price, Ninety Plus Estates in Panama and Mikava Coffee in Colombia whose coffee was used to win the 2022 World Brewers Cup.

wholesale coffee Ireland
espresso machine bean2cup Sanremo coffee machine

Coffee Equipment

We neither rent nor sell equipment. Whilst the commission paid on these things is big, it’s simply not our thing. We sell coffee beans not machines. We do however very much recommend the services of espresso machine suppliers including the guys we bought ours from.

Bean2Cup do a wonderful job and are a great Irish business. They supplied us with the beautiful Sanremo “Racer” we have in the roastery and stock a host of other brands. They also provide any accessories/equipment you could ever want for your cafe and give full training on their machines.

Get In Touch

If you’d like to come on board and be part of a unique coffee story then please email or call us. We’ve a number of wholesale options available from exclusive partnerships to guesting in your cafe or providing you with our 250 gram retail bags.