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At Imbibe Coffee Roasters we know that working with a coffee supplier involves more than just the supply of well-roasted coffees.

We believe in developing relationships so that we don’t just work for our customers, but rather with them. From training to help with purchase or rental of coffee equipment, we’re here to help you each step of the way.

El Puente

Tasting notes:
Red apple, cocoa, fudge

“El Puente” is named after a footbridge we’ve funded to help children get to school in the Colombian region we buy a lot of our coffee from. They had been crossing using tree trunks which were to say the least precarious. The ASOPEP Co-op in south Tolima is known for its quality and consistency in cup profiles. ASOPEP producers have an average of 2.50 hectares each and are spread across the municipality of Planadas.


Full flavoured with notes of caramel,
chocolate and citrus fruits

Kaleidoscope is our best selling organic blend and sees the marriage of our two signature “story” coffees from Peru and Colombia. In 2018 we bought the entire crop destined for Europe from Lonya Grande, a 59 member all-female co-op in The Amazonas region of Northern Peru. In 2019 we did the same again. This co-op is part of The Cafe Femenino project which aims to promote gender equality in coffee-producing countries. Kaleidoscope is completed with the addition of organic coffee from the Asopep Co-op in Planadas, Colombia. In 2019 we funded a footbridge for children to cross a river to get to school in this region.