Imbibe Coffee Club

A monthly bundle of unique coffees

Coffee Club is something that started out in 2013 as a means for a few close friends to drink some interesting speciality coffee. It’s now developed into something that enables people to drink what are genuinely some of the best coffees in the world that have never before been to these shores. These have included Wush Wush from Colombia, Gesha from Panama and also coffee from world record holders for coffee price, Ninety Plus.

By signing up to Coffee Club you are simply signing up to receive two monthly emails. The first will tell you precisely when these coffees go on sale as we usually sell out in a day. The second details the coffees and gives you an option to buy. It is not a subscription service. We don’t want to tie you to any long term commitment and this also enables us to bring you far more interesting coffees at many levels in a way a fixed price subscription simply can’t.

Coffee Club is open to all on the island of Ireland and also to several European destinations.

Happy Brewing,

Imbibe Coffee Roasters