Imbibe Coffee Club

A monthly bundle of unique coffees

How It All Began?

Our Coffee Club started over 10 years ago and we hope it is now Ireland’s stand out monthly coffee offering in terms of quality. We’ve offered coffees never before seen in Ireland, coffees from the very top shelf such as world renowned Gesha from Panama or “exotics” from Colombia and other heavyweights of the coffee world.

What Is Coffee Club?

Coffee Club is a discounted bundle of coffees offered once a month. It is not a subscription service. Having cancelled many of those ourselves, we didn’t want to tie people down. An obvious problem with a subscription model is that you have no choice. Coffee can arrive from an origin you don’t like or a process you don’t enjoy.

With Coffee Club you choose to order (based on the month’s menu), what the best beans are for you and they’ll be delivered to your door. All you need to do is sign up on our website by giving us your email address and you become part of the club! You can then decide if you wish to pay for a particular month’s coffee once you see the offer.

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Coffee Club Coffees

Practically every speciality roaster will tell you they are roasting and selling the world’s best coffee and this is at least partly true. Speciality coffee by its very nature is of a very high quality. Not all speciality coffees are the same though. You’ll find there’s a difference between a coffee that scores 80 points and a ninety point coffee.

One of the main aims of Coffee Club is to bring you the very best roasted coffee. We’ve been the first in Ireland to bring many highly unusual coffees that were new to these shores and it’s a standard we constantly strive to maintain..

How Does Coffee Club Work?

Each month we send an email with a menu containing 2 x 250 gram bags of coffee that we love. They’re usually coffees intended for use as filter or pour over as the very highest scoring coffee is seldom meant for an espresso machine (although there are exceptions).

As mentioned this isn’t a subscription so if you like the offer simply pay at the checkout and once roasted the coffee will be delivered to your door. If you don’t love it or it’s not for you then leave your basket empty, there’ll always be new coffees the following month!

Coffee Club Coffee Selection

Coffee Club aims to bring you the best coffee in Ireland delivered to your door. We’re always seeking new and interesting things. We take great care before we select the coffee we hope ends up in your cup.

Our head of quality Monika is one of a small number of Q Graders in Ireland and she’s the one tasked with making the selection for coffees that are offered. She doesn’t have a budget when she buys coffee which is yet another reason for Coffee Club not being a subscription services the pricing changes every month depending on what’s being offered..

Coffee Club: Get In Quick!

We’re very fortunate as Coffee Roasters that our Coffee Club has become quite popular. We hope it’s the “go too”, for any aficionado in search of the best beans and we hope it’s a good sign that it pretty much always sells out. It is limited as we offer 150 discounted bundles each month.

First we send an email advising of the coffees on offer and the time and date they will go on sale. This mail will also advise when the coffees will be roasted and when we’ll begin shipping. If it doesn’t sell out straight away we send a follow up mail advising of the last day of the coffee bundle price. Once it goes beyond this date we close the offer and the coffees will then appear on our site but at their full price and not the discounted bundle for Coffee Club. Simple. We hope…!

What Next?

Once the orders are closed, we roast the coffee. We then usually leave it to rest and degas for a day or two before commencing deliveries. We generally advise waiting 10 days from roast before you start to brew and pour into a cup but we’re not living with you so don’t monitor this bit! We do find however that this is a good timeframe to get the optimum result in a cup.

We really hope you enjoy being in our club. As a business we’ve sought to be about more than just roasting great coffee. As in everything we do 1% of all Coffee Club sales are donated to Women’s Aid, 1% goes to projects at coffee origins and 1% is shared among our staff. For more details on our ethos of “Conscious Capitalism”, have a look here –

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Happy Brewing!

Imbibe Coffee Roasters