The first thing to say about the Coffee Club is that it is not a subscription service. We’ve no interest in tying you to a commitment where we choose whatever we want to give you. We’d rather let people make a decision to purchase on the basis of liking what’s on offer in a given month which will at times feature competition standard coffees such as Gesha from Panama or Wush Wush from Colombia. We are consistently seeking the best coffees out there.

What’s also important to say is that we will only offer coffees that we feel are unusual in some way, be that origin or taste profile. We will never, for example, have any coffees from Brazil in the Coffee Club. This isn’t because Brazil doesn’t produce good coffees, it does, but in our opinion, they tend not to be unusual in any way unless you’re willing to pay prices in excess of €30 per bag. We’ll offer coffees at this level but they’ll be from different origins and who knows if we find a coffee good enough from Brazil we’re willing to cave.

By signing up to the mailing list, you’ll receive an email (every 4-6 weeks), outlining the coffees currently on our offer list along with descriptions, pricing and the opportunity to buy.

Happy brewing