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Mexico Aldama Ciapas

Process: Natural
Varietal: Red Bourbon
Altitude: 1720 MASL

Tasting Notes: Blackcurrant, Grape, Molasses

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Víctor López is an exceptional producer who is totally devoted to coffee growing. The climate of the Aldama terroir, the biodiversity of the endemic forest of Chiapas and the varieties that Victor cultivates, are factors that combine to produce exceptional cups.

Story Behind

Benefecio Sibactel is located in the Tenejapa region. The Mayan inhabitants who live there belong to the Tseltal community which is extremely shy. It took a long time for the 70 farmers to engage with Jesus Salazar, our partner Cafeologo. In the Tsotsil community of Beneficio San Pedro in Aldama, the lever to increase quality was quickly put in place: buy cherries rather than parches at the same price. This strongly encourages selective harvesting. This system was first implemented in this beneficio during 2020 harvest. Before that, farmers were selling in parchments because it was difficult for them to trust quickly and any new initiative had to prove its worth. Jesus worked longtime to build this trust. This beneficio does not act as a purchasing center but it is a gathering place where training is given to fight against diseases (Broca, Ojo de gayo) or to improve agricultural practices (pruning coffee trees, etc.). To become a true partner of this community, you have to be part of it. Much more than a coffee partner, Jesus and his team participate in religious festivals, the corn festival, and they help them to manage all types of problems such as problems of access to water for example.