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Bolivia Kollasuyo

Process: Honey
Varietal: Red Catuai, Red Caturra
Altitude: 1420 MASL

Tasting Notes: Vanilla, Chocolate, Grapefruit

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This honey process is from Bolivian farmer Nicolas Colque. He started out growing rice and tomatoes until he saved enough to buy a small plantation of 7 hectares where he grows organic certified microlots under the shade of native trees. We loved this coffee!

Story Behind

Víctor López is an exceptional producer! He is totally devoted to coffee growing and brings all his attention to the processes, natural and fully washed. He belongs to the Mayan community and to the Tsotsil ethnic group. Tsotsil is his first language, he also speaks Spanish, which makes him a mediator for his entire community when they need to interact with people from outside. Nine years ago, Jesus Salazar from Cafeologo started working with Víctor and his family. Its coffee plantations are located at an altitude of 1420 meters. The climate of the Aldama terroir, the biodiversity of the endemic forest of Chiapas and the varieties that Victor cultivates, are factors that combine to produce exceptional cups.